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  • Our tour today included trips to the Uffizi and Accademia galleries. Paola is an incredibly friendly host with an encyclopedic knowledge of art history and styles, architecture, and the history of her city. If you want a fun, efficient tour to see the most important works and see them in their proper perspectives, Paola is your guide! Thank you Paola!
    Adrienne and Jonathan, July 2016
  • Thank you Paola for showing us your beautiful city this morning and sharing your knowledge, especially about David. We will long remember our time in Florence because of you.
    Cathy and Peter, May 2016
  • Paola was a great tour guide... she really makes you fall in love with the city... she has an answer to every question about each corner of the city... either about historical or contemporary events ... and the way she tell the stories is captivating :)
    Safa, May 2015
  • We feel we "didn't miss a thing" but truly want to return to Florence and Paola was pivotal in making us feel this way! We highly recommend her guidance and expertise for an incredible magical journey of a lifetime!
    Cindy and Wayne, October 2015
  • Paola made the city come alive for us! We would have missed so much had we not toured with her - she is passionate, warm hearted, and attentive to every question and interest - customizing our time to include as much as possible!!
    Cindy and Wayne, October 2015
  • You are such a lovely and engaging person - we really enjoyed being with you!
    Cindy and Wayne, October 2015
  • We had such a wonderful time in Italy and we can't thank you enough, Paola, for all your help, knowledge, expertise and extra time you gave us in Florence!! You truly went above and beyond with every piece of our time in Florence and the outlying towns in Tuscany!
    Cindy and Wayne, October 2015
  • My day touring Florence with Paola was absolutely wonderful. She knows the city's history, most beautiful sites, the people and the very cool, out of the way places to visit. Would highly recommend you take a tour of Florence with Paola when you take your trip there. You won't be disappointed! Thanks Paola!!!
    Brian, November 2015
  • Paola was wonderful. Customized a walking tour for us, and was well worth the money, especially if time is limited. She took good care of us, and could answer any questions. She loves her city and her work and it shows. We have a really nice morning with her, and would have missed so much without her guidance...
    Joe, October 2015
  • Thanks to Paola, we experienced Florence in a way that would not have been possible without her guidance.
    Mary, September 2015
  • We had requested that the tour end with lunch at a restaurant off the tourist track. Paola took us to a local trattoria where we enjoyed an excellent lunch.
    Mary, September 2015
  • She was so informative and had a passion for the artwork, making the tour that much more meaningful. Her knowledge and love of Florence was apparent in everything she shared.
    Mary, September 2015
  • Paola was an excellent and knowledgeable tour guide. We booked a full day with her and enjoyed every minute of it. She was informative and you can see and hear just how passionate she is when she speaks of Florence and the history of the city. I would recommend Paola to anyone looking for a guide in Florence. Thanks to Paola we have wonderful memories from Florence.
    Linda and Carlos, September 2015
  • Paola was an excellent tour guide. She was informative and she also made an extra special effort to keep our two young kids engaged for the full seven hour tour! They loved her, asking tons of questions about the art and history that Paola guided us through. I would absolutely recommend her services for anyone that wants to see and learn about Florence.
    Cathy, August 2015
  • …Whether walking through Boboli Gardens or analyzing art work in the Uffizi Gallery, Paola had facts at her fingertips, interesting historical anecdotes to share related to art work, and guidance and advice for navigating through the gardens and streets of Florence. I learned so much, and I have developed a deeper appreciation of Italian history and culture. Thank you, Paola!
    Francesca, August 2015
  • We visited Florence May 2015, we booked a 3 hours Walking Tour and our guide was Paola Albiero :) She is perfect, she provided us to the main attractions in this beautiful city, at every corner there was a story to tell and we were like a kids waiting for her to tell us the stories and the history of the city. I highly recommend to visit Florence with her :)
    Marwa, May 2015
  • We were a group of 9 with 5 teenagers. Paola, our guide was prompt, engaging and showed us the city of Florence in a way that kept even the teenagers engaged! It was a relaxed and lovely day. A great first taste of Florence. Highly recommended!
    Kristin, August 2015
  • Don't hesitate to hire her and work with her company - you won't be disappointed. We booked several days for 3-4 hours a day and were grateful we did.... amazing tours and wonderful education for our entire family.
    Keith, August 2015
  • Above all, she conveys this with a sense of earnest wonder that makes you wish you had studied and paid a lot more attention to the Renaissance and Italian history in school.
    Keith, August 2015
  • She knows the tour operators of a private boat company on the Fiume Arno, where you cruise in Florentine fashion down the river and every tourist wonders why they can't do that as well...
    Keith, August 2015
  • She knows when to visit which museum and which building, so the light on the David is just right and you can see the subtlety of Michelangelo's craft, and what time and day to visit the Uffizi so its not a total mob scene.
    Keith, August 2015
  • Paola is a wonderful guide, teacher and student of the world of Florentine art, culture and architecture. She knows the behind-the-scenes people who delight in teaching tourists about their craft and trade.
    Keith, August 2015
  • Thank you again for arranging all of those tours for us, we really had a great time with you in Florence and all of the guides you recommended. Bologna was spectacular and Montelpulciano was very unique. We will be in touch when we come back to italy. Thanks again for your help!
    Blake, November 2014
  • You made us fall in love with your city!
    Marwa, May 2015
  • Paola, your knowledge and understanding of Firenze art and history are contagious!
    Keith, August 2015
  • Dear Paola, thank you so much for your help all this time, we had a wonderful tour in Florence. We went back to the restaurant you recommend second time last night :-) Next time, when you are in New York, please do not hesitate to contact us, our pleasure to take you around !
    Jim and Carol, May 2014
  • Ciao Paola! We wanna thank you again for the wonderful tour!  We enjoyed it so much! We will come back for sure! We had a wonderful time in Florence!  All our best wishes until next time!
    Denise and Sabrina, March 2014
  • In Florence Paola was just as incredible as our first guide. Her knowledge of the museums was unbelievable !
    Charlie, July 2013