About Me

Paola Albiero

I was born and raised in Italy and I graduated from a technical school as an Expert in Tourist Services. I first worked as a tour manager then, in 2009, I began working as a License Tour Guide of Florence.

My curious nature and my passion for travel and for my work led me to discover very diverse places and cultures, from the desert of Algeria to the great American metropolises.
I then decided to enroll in a training course for local guides of Florence to gain the necessary knowledge to successfully lead sightseeing tours.

I now enjoy conducting guided tours for students of all ages and grades, individuals, families with children, and small groups; but I find it highly gratifying to work with large groups as well, for which my experience as a tour manager comes in handy.
It is also always a pleasure to organize sightseeing tours for the visually impaired or the disabled.
My work allows me to meet and get to know people who come to Florence from all over the world to admire its wonders. And, to those who come to visit my country, I enjoy offering what I would personally wish to receive when I travel to other countries: courtesy, expertise, and a helpful attitude.

My personal interests include painting, sculpting, and architecture. I enjoy furthering my knowledge on Florence and the great protagonists of its history: the tormented Michelangelo, the genius Leonardo, Raphael and his secrets, as well as less famous artists.
But Florence is much more than the city of great geniuses. This is why I thoroughly enjoy taking people to the most characteristic districts of the city, leading them through the maze of narrow streets. It is a pleasure to show others the skilful hands of authentic craftspeople, help them learn about which natural ingredients are used to make a great gelato, or share the excitement of capturing unexpected moments of local daily life in a unique picture.
Yes, a stroll through Florence is always full of surprises. Aside from the guided tour, I will also be happy to recommend magical places to go to and interesting scheduled events, such as opera performances and concerts, and we may even end up discovering the perfect restaurant for your wedding anniversary, where delectable dishes will captivate you.

I always count on the same result: that you take back home cherished memories of Florence !

Qualifications and Skills

• Licensed Tour Manager
• Licensed Tour Guide of Florence and its Province
• Licensed Travel Agency Technical Director
• Languages spoken: Italian, English, Spanish, French
• Certificate of attendance for the workshop “Seeing with one’s hands: methods and tools for visiting artistic and cultural heritage sites with the visually impaired”, organized by UIC Pisa, Museo Omero of Ancona, Legambiente Arte, ANGT, and AGT Toscana.


In order to work as a licensed tour guide in Italy, one must pass a specific exam. The local authority of the province in which the guide has chosen to conduct guided tours then issues the appropriate identification card.


A licensed tour guide will help you capture the essence of the places you plan to visit, because they themselves are part of that environment. The qualification that certifies their expertise not only demonstrates their passion for their field of work, but also confirms they have completed the professional training required to offer a quality service to those who wish to take a guided tour.

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