Light Florence

(video) You& on the weekly travel program “TG2 Sì, Viaggiare” (05/09/2014)

Delectable Florence

A culinary experience to discover local street-food specialties, such as “lampredotto” (a peasant dish made from the fourth and final stomach of a cow, the abomasum) and tripe; small typical restaurants (“osterie” and “trattorie”); hole-in-the-wall eateries where wine is served along with panini or cheeses and cured meats; and traditional gelaterie. Part of this experience is to shop for fresh produce at the Mercato Centrale, just like the locals do   e-mail

Florence seen from the River Arno

Enjoy the sunset and views of the city from a unique point, the River Arno, the waters of which contributed to making Florence the wealthiest and most populated city of the Middle Ages. The sites will be explained to you while traveling on an ancient boat navigated by a “renaiolo”   e-mail

(video) Vieri and the River Arno!

Florence by bike

While riding a bicycle through narrow streets and plazas, you can see the highlights of the city as well as the more remote districts in a short time and have great fun too (itineraries can be custom made according to your needs)   e-mail

Florence’s Markets

Florence, city of markets and merchants. Enjoy a stroll through the small Mercato del Porcellino and the Mercato di San Lorenzo to shop for leather goods, wood craftwork, and fabrics that reflect the many colors of the city   e-mail

Florence and its legends

Get to know the city through the legends and folk tales that reveal its most secret and mysterious side   e-mail

Florence and Fashion: for ladies, to enjoy the more glamorous and elegant aspect of the city

Shopping in Florence   e-mail

Fashion Museums: Salvatore Ferragamo Museum, Gucci Museum, Roberto Capucci Museum, Costume Gallery at Palazzo Pitti   e-mail

Florence by night

A stroll in a cool summer evening to discover the magic of moonlit historical sites   e-mail