Privacy Policy

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please be informed that the Italian Legislative Decree no. 196, issued on 30 June, 2003 (“Personal data protection regulations”) provides the protection of the personal data of people and of other subjects.

In compliance with these regulations, your personal data will be handled with propriety, lawfulness, transparency, and in such a way as to protect your privacy and rights.

Pursuant to the above mentioned decree, please be informed of the following:

1. The data you will provide will be handled for reasons strictly related to and for the purpose of carrying out the service you have requested.

2. You data will be handled by the use of a computer and/or manually.

3. It is mandatory that you provide your personal data so that we may fulfill your requests and comply with the relevant laws. You refusal to provide your personal data may result in our failure to fulfill our agreement in part or entirely.

4. You personal data will not be communicated to other subjects, nor will they be disseminated.

5. Pursuant to the above mentioned decree, you may claim your rights to the those handling your data.

6. Your personal data will be handled for by Paola Albiero, +393881660350,, VAT registration number: 01861580502